Todd Lent

Todd Lent earned a B.A. in Music Theory/History, and an M.M. in Music Composition from The Crane School of Music in Potsdam, NY in 2002.  Trained in classical guitar, he is a multi-instrumentalist who incorporates influences and elements from a diverse range of global musical genres into his writing and performance.

Immediately after college, Todd scored or contributed music to a handful of independent films. He has taught private guitar lessons since 1999, and has been prolifically recording solo albums since 2007 under the name Immara. His most recent EP, Hypnagogia, was released in December, 2021.

In 2014 he met Elise Kermani and was hired by MiShinnah Productions. Since then he has collaborated with her on six projects:

2015 - “Iphigenia 2.0” and “Book of Change” - Scored Short Films (Eventually incorporated into her multi-media theater piece Iphigenia: Book of Change.) 

2016 - Vicky Shick’s dance piece "Another Spell" - Contributed Music

2017 - JUSTICE - Composed Music/Sound Source Material and Co-Produced

2017 - Vicky Shick's dance piece "Let it Linger" - Composed Music to be reworked by Elise

2019 - “Sand” - Contributed Music

In December, 2015, his free-jazz inspired recording “Fire Rites” was selected for inclusion on an international compilation album to raise funds for Phas.e, a London-based platform dedicated to highlighting the undercurrents of sonic studies.

And in November of 2018 his track “Perturbation 1” was included on the Unexplained Sounds Group compilation album.

In 2019 he began an ongoing collaborative partnership with choreographer/artist/poet Alina Noir that has so far produced the following works that have been performed in various locations across France:

2019 - “Solitude(s)”

2020 - “Solitude(s) 2020”

2020 - “Dans Brut”

2021 - “Kaddish 01”

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