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Look Hear Studio and Gallery is supported in part by a grant from the mediaThe Foundation. Click on the images to see a short video installation of the short film “Pathetique”.

Michigan City Moves, a new performance collective dedicated to promoting and sharing experimental music, dance and film in the NW Indiana region, is presenting SAND, a series of performances, highlighting nature and architecture from the Indiana Dunes, to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts and a historic barn at Tryon Farm. The performances will feature the work of choreographers Kristina Isabelle and Melli Hoppe, sound media artist Elise Kermani, and costumes by Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch. For more details see our events calendar or read the press release on our blog.



MiShinnah Productions is proud to have presented JUSTICE, a site specific performance in Riverside Park during the Make Music New York festival and part of the Summer on the Hudson festival during sunset (7:30-9:00 pm) on June 21, 2017.

JUSTICE addressed themes of equality in nature, sun/moon, day/night, balancing the earth's needs with human technological existence. In this site specific performance, we were interested in exploring sound and movement in various light, volume, space, and perspective. Since this performance happened at sunset, the natural occurrence of the sun setting enclosed JUSTICE within a multitude of color and lighting variation as available in the sky at that time of day.

Our goal was to be inspired by the elegance and beauty of the park in hopes to spark dialogue about the relationship between environment, art, the philosophy of beauty, and social justice. The ultimate goal of JUSTICE was our humble aspiration to help us, as human beings, find a balance between living with nature, and to find an equality between the earth and human technological advancement.

The performance concluded with a community vocal piece underneath the tunnel at 84th/Riverside at the actual time of the sun setting on the Hudson River.

If you couldn't be there to experience JUSTICE in person, fear not! The performance was recorded, and you can watch the film soon in a festival near you.

Collaborators included:

Elise Kermani, Director/Composer/Performer (Swinging Speaker)

Melli Hoppe, Co-Director/Dramaturgy/Movement

Todd Lent, Composer/co-producer

Christine Elmo, Choreographer/Dancer, co-Producer

Leanna Grennan and Miriam Gabriel, Dancers

Marco Cappelli, Performer (Guitar/Swinging speaker)

Shoko Nagai, Performer (Accordion)

Kaliya Warren, Cinematography

Kevin James, Sound consultant/audio recorder

Natasha Kermani, co-producer, Film

Vicky Shick, choreography consultant

Timothy Hartel, Intern and Assistant Production Manager

Amelia Saul, Video editor

Gisburg Smialek, Sound editor

Zhen Heinemann - Director of Public Programming, Summer on the Hudson

James Burke - Executive Director at Make Music New York Festival

Thank you to mediaThe for their sponsorship

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